Web Siphon Review

Web Siphon Review

Companies offering multifaceted web services (hosting, domain name registration, SSL link, security etc.) frequently introduce website builders under their own brands. Launching solutions for a target market is a solution.

Web Siphon is one of companies. A website builder is only one of a long product list’s components. When assessing them, Usually, there emerge concerns concerning the quality of such services. The biased opinion concerning the professional services tailored to meet all goals at a time is very popular and it often proves to be correct.Web Siphon Review

Web Siphon is positioned as a business proprietor. It’s based on the WYSIWYG editor. It is not a secret that the market abounds in similar solutions.

Can a service generated to the significant Web Siphon trends to them? Let’s discover it!

1. Ease of Use

For those users, who are knowledgeable about the particulars of using website builders with visual editors, Internet Siphon will seem simple and understandable. The interface of this WYSIWYG — editor is normal for services of the type.

There’s absolutely no desire criticize or to praise it as it resembles dozens of services. It comes with a structure that is classic that is common.

Ergonomics is mediocre, although, the options’ section structure is logical. This does not influence the simplicity of perception, but it would be wonderful to change that.

Normally, the dashboard comes with numerous blocks and information, which is useless for a newbie. What’s more, some sections are blank, while others are overloaded.

It’s possible to get used to it in several hours, that’s no problem. A visual editor does not differ in its charm or style, but it generates pleasant impression due to its functionality and ease of use.

Web Siphon feature set is distributed between a dashboard with its general organizational preferences and a working area used to create website pages, that is, a visual editor.

It’s interesting that even before you get the dashboard to register with the machine, it will provide you with to set up the format, complete the information and publish a business card for clients. This will be a temporary display window which will be utilized until you publish the version of your site.

The options of this editor are on a high level due to the rich set of widgets and useful corresponding tools.

The arrangement of a stock template can be totally changed — you can add columns and rows to each section, adjusting their positions and sizes as you need. Then you can add any widgets into every block box. This is a Web Siphon user gets full control over site structure. And it’s quite easy to do that — you just have to have taste and understanding of the goal you would like to attain.

Web Siphon website editor – global design

Now, let us talk about widgets. These are elements, which come with small portions of site functionality. They’re added to the pages by dragging into boxes or the required sections.

“Popular”, in which the following items are displayed by default: text, image, icon, click to call, map, image slider, photo gallery, button, HTML, contact form, big name (H1). The set of widgets may change during the web design procedure.

“Basics”, which provides such elements as text, button, divider, spacer, big and small titles (H1, H3), file, record, columns (from 1 to 4), text and picture.

“Media” with the components like image, image slider, photo gallery, icon, video, SoundCloud, website design.

Web Siphon widgets business

Web Siphon widgets social
“Advanced” offering HTML, navigation links, glossary, FAQ.

“Blog” with all posts, recent articles, search posts.

Web Siphon widgets blog

Thinking about the names of widgets, you can get a comprehension of designing website pages with Web Siphon. For example, it works well for starting restaurant or cafe sites (it comes with a dishes menu), tourist service websites or those of any other business, which implies the need to book accomodations, make an appointment .

Simply stated, the service allows creating versatile types of business sites, which require the options, which aren’t available in each niche site builder.

The header of a working area includes a list of site pages a user may switch between during the web site editing process, format change icons (desktop or mobile view), access to the service section, website publishing, website code (the complete structure of all the web page cubes, designer style ), site preview and applicable undo/redo buttons.

Menu inclusion is supported up to the 3rd level. Any page can be duplicated or hidden.

From this section you can trigger a functionality of your website. Add a new language and you immediately receive translated version of your site. The flag on the site editor’s top shows you which language version is editing. Very comfortable.

Access password setup is supported. SEO settings include title/description/keywords and are standard.

Internet Siphon site editor – pages section

Additionally it is possible to add your own HTML/CSS code to the web page header. You can make popups with different articles, including welcome, contact us, sale or promotion, see us, like us on social network, more info, new store thing etc..

It is possible to prepare a template for every popup (size, animation, colour, font etc.) and the content inside it.

The”Content” section comes with a file storage (images and other file types are stored separately), general business information that can be edited throughout a site (social network profiles, address, phone etc.), business profile (description of business performance, services etc.). Additionally it is possible to import content here.

The”Personalize” section has impressed me with a rare chance to create rules to match different scenarios. You can also use readymade rule templates, such as the initial or replicated consumer visit, special offers, events and vacations, announcements, notifications etc..

By way of example, you can trigger snow falling on your site on New Year Eve, automatic greeting of newbies or redirecting them to a particular page on a certain occasion.

Each rule template comes with a preview option.

Internet Siphon website editor – personalize section

You can even add the unlimited number of your own rules, forming them out of the mixture of many triggers like device, location, time, visits, campaign URL.

Creation of rules in Internet Siphon is an interesting and useful thing for promotion and interaction with users.

From the”Blog” section, you can set up the news feed display at the website. Add articles, import them set up SEO and display format for each substance.

A blog has decent look, although, its functionality is somewhat limited and doesn’t come up to the level of specialized platforms: there is no scheduled post novel feature or a search filter option here (all of these are exhibited in the Blog Manager at the order of submission to the site ).

However, you can prepare the detailed design of the blog feed by selecting one of 3 templates, colors, background etc..

Generally, the Internet Siphon blog works well for managing your diary or as an addon for your business website — news, lifehacks, description of merchandise nuances erc.It will be inconvenient to manage a large niche blog.

The”Preferences” section conceals lots of versatile parameters which have basic meaning, such as general items like icons (social networks, favicons), website language, information about the domain name and lots of SEO-related facets, including redirects, HTML code available from the header and meta tags for the entire website.

This is also the place, where you are able to discover backup storage filtered by the date, privacy settings (warning about cookie usage and privacy page) and 404 page customization. Just backup your website before campaign and restore it. It’s really saves your time.

Let’s describe basic principles of using the WYSIWYG editor’s area today. It deserves the attention because of its options to begin with.

Any web page contains sections filled with widgets — this is the way website design and structure are formed here.

1. By clicking the”+” button between the neighboring segments, you can add a block with a completed design of various profiles, including intro, features, about, logos, text blocks, team, restaurant, testimonials, contact us, promotion, plans, societal, full page, footer.

Web Siphon website editor add a widget

2. Each category of segments contains variations of content presentation. Their design quality is on the top level and there is not any need to customize anything by yourself.

3. You just have to complete web site pages with these sections in the required sequence, replacing the demo content with that of your own to have a well-designed modern site.

4. The very same concerns ready made templates. You can change any element in them if desired, but it is also possible to print an appealing website with a template design in one evening, thus saving much time.

5. When clicking block or any element, you will see a layout and settings that are available. In the left corner, There’s always the”ROW” icon, which grants access to the section’s settings:

  • Add new rows/columns,
  • Change website design (colour, background, video, dimensions, colors and spacing),
  • Screen animations (8 variants), hide on device (mobile, tablet, desktop),

set as anchor, Copy or delete a block.

6. When highlighting text or images, you will find quite or a picture selection menu a handy text editor.

Internet Siphon site editor – row

7. There is also data, links to resources and services. Moreover, you can download an application allowing to control your website from any mobile device (iOS/Android).

Generally, Web Siphon feature set is strong and exceeds that of the majority of medium website builders used to make business websites.

Incidentally, an editor allows adding products and accepting payments, but there isn’t any sense in analyzing the platform as a service to build an online store — eCommerce options are fair here and they are even below the normal level. The system has a blogging engine that is decent.

When it comes to working with landing pages, through, the support somewhat lacks several major widgets and an chance to manage thorough conversion data from the dashboard. Web Siphon excels in its specialization — business sites. There are no obvious drawbacks in this situation.

3. Designs

You get around 350 templates. Additionally it is possible to choose a blank template to create a theme from scratch.

As far as all layouts consist of ready made segments and editor widgets with demo content, it makes sense to make a template on your own given that you have a different understanding of your final aim. This is a surefire way to find individual design.

Web Siphon templates

Template quality is characterized by the design of editor components and colours/images/fonts’ set. It is on a level that is decent — a site builder is focused on the achievement of an outcome.

Each template can be viewed in the preview mode. Whatever website you will launch with Internet Siphon, it will be responsive. Design customization is powerful here as well — besides the strategies to utilize web page structure explained above, there is a separate section for global site design settings.

Web Siphon developers pursued design unification strategy. This allows avoiding the dissonance between the plan of web page elements that are identical.

You can set up the parameters of text, buttons, backgrounds and rows for the entire website by setting general management rules for each new component.

Apart from that, a layout choice option is for every website format — desktopcomputer, tablet and mobile. Differences between them are originally in header design and the menu position.

All these editor settings are available in the”Design” section. You have to start working with this very section, if you plan to make your own template design. This is how you will have the ability to avoid additional problems with manual setup of text blocks and titles, separate pictures, column parameters and wallpapers.

Everything will be displayed based on these settings by default. By way of example, you may choose a font, colour and format for text and all H1-H6 titles of paragraphs at the site.

An option allowing to design different website versions for PC and mobile view (such as setting up separate backgrounds, as an instance ) should be mentioned here too. Web Siphon includes design customization settings that are convenient and flexible.

It’s important for a user to have the ability to set up the same standards of the main elements for the site that is entire — this is a centralized customization, which is among the most convenient and effective in the modern niche.

4. Customer Support

The editor supplies a link to the knowledge base, where you can find out the tips on working with it.

You can contact the tech support team via telephone or the online chat — this is distinct and very clear. The quality of the tutorials is just one a level — there’s the subdivision an opportunity to search by the key words, into classes descriptions with screenshots. Generally, the customer support level is high.

5. Pricing Policy

Web Siphon is a commercial platform, which does not have a trial. To start using the platform, subscribe to it and you will need to choose among the 4. Mind that the first 12 weeks of any permit are cheaper.

It makes sense to take into account the prolongation price of the contract and the cost . Incidentally, the system features moneyback guarantee, which is a kind of an insurance that is anti-disappointment.

The cost of the paid plans is as follows (such as a 12-months subscription and different prolongation of a selected plan):

Personal ($2.99/month, then $6.99/month) — drag & drop editor, online business card;

Plus ($9.99/month, then $19.99/month) — online marketing tools (personalization of website content, SEO analysis, newsletter instrument );

As you see, the programs imply distinct fragmentation of the feature set in relation to SEO and promotion tools. The”Basic” plan appears to be the most interesting as its choices will be enough to create a decent business website.

When selecting plans, you may pay for an SEO course. You watch for $12/year only in its efficacy and can launch an business website.

It’s your choice to choose cancellation or the further prolongation of the subscription chosen.

6. Pros and Cons

Web Siphon is a great platform to build business sites. Blogging and eCommerce elements are offered to the major target — customer generation and business presentation as a bonus.

You can also use the system to establish portfolios of creatives — artists, designers, photographers, models, but this will be less effective because the machine has quite a different format.

Web Siphon website design may be modern and quite appealing, but it will hardly be creative. Regardless of multiple customization settings, design of the significant elements appears to be serious and practical as opposed to extraordinary and bright.

It won’t have the ability to show feeling, although it ideally works for any business website. Galleries look nice and neat, for example, but they are standard. There’s absolutely no place for shock value .

Generally, Internet Siphon is a luxurious niche product, which comes with a list of advantages:

  • Collection of widgets
  • Automatization of events by rules introduction and management
  • Rich (though, not that ergonomical) dashboard
  • Great visual editor
  • Centralized settings of website design components
  • Blog payment acception options that are online and integration
  • Opportunity to create websites of tourist agencies and restaurants using their functionality
  • Business websites to be launched by opportunity
  • Freedom in editing codes
  • Management of company information available at Speedy replacement of outdated info, the site
  • Separate editing of designs
  • Convenient and persuasive work with copies
  • Nice SEO block

Web Siphon is packed with advantages In regards to functionality during the web building process. The system, but also has the demerits:

  • Poor and inconvenient eCommerce engine, which may not be taken
  • A blog, which is not suitable for updates with their direction and posts
  • The structure of sections comes up to the arrangement of landing pages, but it is difficult to create them because of the lack of templates and widgets
    Complicated dashboard, which looks because of the abundance of data, tabs and tabs
  • Access to all SEO choices of the service is available on high programs only
  • 3 levels limit website menu inclusionWe have not defined any demerits that prevent the understanding of the significant system goal. It is all about the product’s niche specialization — all directions lack functionality. When you don’t obey these aspects, web Siphon looks ideally.


Web Siphon is a service. It does not work for online shops, portfolios, landing
pages or sites.

Instead, it’s the perfect solution for company websites or niche specialists — lawyers, clinics, tourist agencies, automobile salons, restaurants etc., that is, for those activity areas, which are more practical rather than creative.

You’ll acquire modern design with user/client interaction means, delicate settings and enough tools to promote your website on the web.

Web Siphon is a commercial site builder with one. It’s surely the best value for the money spent at least at the”trial” annual plan.

We recommend using this product, if your web creation task comes up into the above mentioned specialization. If there are any market deviations (if you are an artist, as an instance, or you just need a medium online store), then it is logical to go for a different website builder.

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