Sendible vs. Kontentino?

Sendible vs. Kontentino?

There are an array of tools out there and it can be tough to know which one to pick.

Kontentino — born to hasten the content creation procedure. It helps approving, generating, publishing and scheduling reports both internally and with customers.

Sendible — a complicated and robust tool covering just about all aspects of media function that is social.

The difference lies in the cost. While Kontentino begins at $9/month it is $20/month.Sendible vs. Kontentino?

Other Kontentino features that are notable:

  • Tag pages tag pages on your post copy as you’re utilized to on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Restrictions: Establish the audiences based on age or nation.
  • Inspirations: You or your customer may add the calendar and post inspirations. Let Kontentino remind one of new product launch this brand anniversary or days.
  • Approval and collaboration workflow: Kontentino — together with all programs — offers the chance to approve and collaborate with various rights for different roles on content.
  • Insights and Reporting: analytics won’t be replaced by them they are fantastic for an summary of pages and your posts. And you can export a report for your customer.
  • Assets storage for your agency’s media with no need for you to consider what you will need to delete again.

Sendible offers:


Tracking: Keep what folks are saying about your brand and track of key words.
Inbox: Messages from of your networking accounts which makes it more easy to keep track of and organize.
Reporting: export and Produce reports and you’re doing, for you to keep tabs on the work.

Another aspect where the distinction is visible. Kontentino focuses on acceptance and cooperation . Are done, although it might have features.

The costs of kontentino are lower:


Kontentino with perfected attributes, although less

This is the better match, if your focus is cooperation and acceptance. Because the price is less than half, Additionally the strain on your wallet will be smaller.

Sendible is a expensive and more complicated option

Sendible does provide these choices if you’re planning on using a networking tool for many aspects of media work — such as features like monitoring or customer support. Be ready to pay more.

If you are spoken to by Kontentino, test it out.

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