Crypto Edge System Scam Review

The Crypto Edge System app is a brand new BTC & cryptocurrency trading program available for public use. Apparently, it’s currently the number one best cryptocurrency trading service in existence. But we seriously beg to differ with the totally bogus & unfounded statement. The Crypto Edge System software is a totally anonymous trading system that claims to be able to put thousands of dollars in the pockets on a daily basis.

This isn’t the only absolutely ridiculous claim made by this completely fraudulent trading system. Yes, Bitcoin is currently worth over $8,000 USD, which makes it a great trading & investment opportunity. But if you use a scam program like this Crypto Edge System trading app, you will do nothing but lose money. Not just is the Crypto Edge System app downright bad, but it is just a total rip off too. We’re here doing a Crypto Edge System review to give you fair warning about this ludicrous, dangerous& malicious piece of cryptocurrency trading software.

Crypto Edge System Software – Who’s in Charge?

One of the first and clearest indications that the Crypto Edge System app is a scam has to do with the fact that it is totally anonymous. Yes, there is a 10-minute long presentation video on the main website, but it is just filled with voice narration. We never get to see the face of the person in charge of this epic thievery. Moreover, we’re never provided with the name of a person or a company who owns & operates this pile of junk.

Heck we’re never even told where the company headquarters is located, nor are we given any kind of contact details either. If you did not already know, you should never ever believe any anonymous trading system like this one. The reason why the real creators of Crypto Edge System software choose to remain hidden in the shadows of anonymity is because they know that what they’re doing is illegal. They’re well aware that they’re committing criminal acts & therefore hide their true identities in order to not go to prison.

Crypto Edge System App – No Licensing

BTC & cryptocurrency trading is a well regulated activity. This kind of activity, the provision and trading of signals as such, is required by law to be licensed. Only the most transparent, reputable& credible or people & establishments will get these licenses.

Since we already know that Crypto Edge System software is totally anonymous, you could be sure that it isn’t regulated, nor does it have the required licensing to operate this software within a legal realm. In other words, this app either doesn’t make trades at all and just steals your money, or if it does make trades, it’s doing so illegally. This isn’t a good sign to say the least.

Crypto Edge System Scam Software – Shifty Brokers

Yet another thing which is closely related to the problems of anonymity & being unlicensed is that of there not being a reliable broker anywhere in sight. Reliable brokers require licensing like the trading programs they broker for. Without the licensing, these brokers can’t operate legally.

A good broker will only dare associate itself with equally reputable & licensed trading programs. Since the Crypto Edge System app is totally unlicensed & disreputable, you can bet your bottom dollar that any broker it connects to is equally as untrustworthy.

How Much Money Does Crypto Edge System Claim to Generate?

Yet another obvious red flag here’s the fact that Crypto Edge System software claims some really ridiculous numbers that just cannot be true. We are told that this system has a 99.7% ITM rate or accuracy rateThis would mean that less than 0.5% of trades/ about 1 out of every 200 trades, would be losers. This sounds really nice, but as nice as this sounds, it’s also just as unrealistic & impossible.

The Crypto Edge System app could have to literally be able to tell the future in order to accomplish this miraculous feat. Risk is inherent in trading & even the best programs out there with the best trading strategies could ever muster those kinds of numbers. It just cannot happen, not in any reality.

Crypto Edge System App and Fake Testimonials

The next indication that there’s a scam afoot here has to do with the loads of clearly fake & fabricated user testimonials on the Crypto Edge System website. Yes, there’re tons of so called user reviews on the site, all of which are overly positive, which is suspicious enough. However, we also know for a fact that none of them are genuine in many way, shape, or form.

Heck, over half of the user testimonials are from the same name, but apparently it’s a different person, each time from a different country. If this isn’t already enough proof that the testimonials are fake, there is the fact that it is impossible to confirm whether any of these identities are real. This app is here to rob your money & the user testimonials are just another way to try & sucker you in.

Crypto Edge System Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, there is just one real conclusion that anybody looking in from the outside could possible come to. The Crypto Edge System app is a scam, a rip off & a monumental thievery meant to steal each single penny that you invest.



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