4 Things to Share on LinkedIn (Before You Get LinkedOut)

4 Things to Share on LinkedIn (Before You Get LinkedOut) 14/3

LinkedIn is now becoming many social media users’ go-to source for industry news, with the latest update making the site easier to use & more visually appealing. As the platform continues to evolve, businesses & individuals alike are investing more dollars into their time on the platforms.

With that being said, there’re still plenty of posts and comments being shared on LinkedIn that are inappropriate. We highlight some of our favorite bad LinkedIn behaviors in the second half of this video below.

Keeping things positive, there’re many individuals and brands using the platform to successfully market themselves & their businesses.

Here are 4 things that everyone should be sharing on LinkedIn.

1. Industry Related News

One of the top priorities for your LinkedIn plan should be sharing posts that are relevant to your industry as this shows your followers & potential customers that you’re up to date on the latest happenings & trends.

This news could be anything that impacts the lives of your potential customers – try to make your brands the go-to source for industry updates.

Unbounce is a instance of a brand that does this well – they sell a product to marketers and entrepreneurs and post on topics that are relevant to those audiences. They also do a good job of working their own brand into industry news, as they have done in the post below.

2. Post Value Added Content on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

LinkedIn’s long-form publishing platform is one of the greatest underused facets of LinkedIn.

It is essentially a blogging platform where anyone can write & publish articles which are then distributed among your network, giving you a good opportunity to boost exposure amongst LinkedIn’s professional audience.

Here is a great example from Betty Liu, the CEO of Radiate, Inc. She posted an article titled “12 Uncomfortable Truths You Need to Know if You Want to Be Successfu which was coumplete of valuable insight. She included a relevant video that promoted her business within the post, helping syndicate her own content at the this time.

3. Share Your Company Culture

LinkedIn is a great platform to share your company culture / behind the scenes looks at your place of business.

These posts can generate a lot of engagement, when you can put the faces of your office out for the world to see.

Here is a great example from Destination Asia after winning the “Best Partnership” award. This post makes you smile but communicates that the business is doing well.

4. Share Ideas in Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a busy portion of the website, with very active memberships. Some groups are open, while others need to be confirmed by a group administrator.

One of the greatest tactics when participating in groups is to ask relevant questions. If you have spent your day pondering a thought, it is likely that others in your industry have done the same – ask away in a LinkedIn Group and you are sure to generate response.

Here is a great instance of a question posted in a digital marketing group on Linkedin by Chelsea Hunersen at HubSpot.

Not only did this question inspire 35 responses, it generated a lot of traffic to the link provided below the question. It is a great strategy for engagement growth on LinkedIn.


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